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Erin & Annette's Story...

Told by..Baya The Storyteller

This is what Erin Mac Gregor said when I gave her the special set of a bracelet and interchangeable pair of earrings I had made for her.

Hold on a minute, what did you just say? You made a set of jewellery for Erin Mac Gregor? How come?

Well like me, Erin has always dreamt of being a dancer. From the age of 7 when I started Irish dancing to the age of 30 when I finally gave up the stage, I breathed and lived dancing. So, when Erin was interviewed on Dancing With the Stars (Ireland) and said the very same thing, I found myself cheering her on and taking to her on Twitter to support her.

I was so proud of her when she managed to work through all the challenges she had to face. When she was eliminated, I was so disappointed. It felt a bit like I had lost a friend.

So I contacted her on Twitter and we got talking. Fancy, me and Erin talking on Twitter!

I am a jewellery designer and maker who lives in Wexford. My speciality is creating beautiful bespoke jewellery for special people and special events. I carefully select semi- precious stones for their healing quality.

As it turns out, I knew that Erin was speaking at a Women In Business event in Galway a few weeks.

I thought, what do I have to lose, and asked her if she would be ok if I made her something. She said yes!

So, I set to design a modern twist on the classic and timeless pearl. As it turns out a good choice, although I did not know about her granny’s taste in jewellery at the time. I used white pearls as they are said to signify beauty, new beginnings and sincerity and tiny star spacer beads. This is because Erin did say that it was only the beginning. She is a true star, but incredibly straightforward at the same time. I also put a yellow pearl focal bead in the bracelet to signify her creativity, optimism, clarity and happiness, all of which I hope for her in the future. The long drop earrings are a modern take on the classic pearl and very trendy at the moment.

Still, I had no plans to give the gift to Erin myself. Someone who was going to the event was going to present it to her.

Only, the Universe had other plans for me!

It turns out that one very kind lady was unwell on the day of the event and could not attend. With amazing grace and generosity, she gave me the ticket and another amazing lady offered me the overnight stay. So I ended up giving Erin my gift myself and afterwards she tweeted that she loved the jewellery. I am so thrilled but that is not why I did it.

I did it for the young woman who I once was who was so desperate and passionate to dance, for the young woman that Erin is, to give her support and courage on her way and for the woman I am now, still passionate about dance, still creative with a striving business.

So that first act of courage, which was to contact Erin on Twitter, lead me to a stage in Galway, presenting her with my gift!

An amazing story which shows that if you do have the courage to do something you are frightened of, or seems rather outrageous, well it is worth doing it, you never know where it could lead!

Yes, that’s me in the picture, next to Erin Mc Gregor !

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