• Customised and Remodeling Service

    Whether you want to have your own jewellery created, or you want to have an existing piece remodeled, I can help. My personalised service will ensure that you get a beautiful piece of jewellery that you will love and enjoy. Pieces start from as little as €20 and more exquisite pieces can run from €80 to €100. It's perfect for that special gift: communions, birthdays, weddings or just for yourself. And there's free delivery too!

  • How It Works

    This process is simple. You may already have a clear idea of what you want and, if not, we can work it out. Let's turn your ideas into a beautiful piece of jewellery. Order in plenty of time (about 3 to 4 weeks beforehand) so you will get your jewellery when you need it.



    We begin with a consultation - either in person or over the phone. What do you want the piece to mean to you? I want to get a clear idea so I can create the design you want. We'll discuss together and see how to make your ideas and dreams a reality. If you decide to go ahead, a 50% deposit is required.



    Based on our consultation, I put together initial designs. We'll review options for length, size, stones, colours, etc. The design can be modified at this stage if needed, or we can proceed based upon an agreed specification.



    Your jewellery is hand created and finished in my studio to the highest standards. It's based on what we discussed. Great care is taken to ensure that every piece is finished to perfection and that you get the piece that you want. Final payment is due at this stage.


    Deliver & Enjoy

    I can arrange to meet you to deliver your jewellery if you live close by. If, however, a day or time cannot be arranged in a suitable time frame, or if the distance is too far away, I can have your jewellery delivered by courier. I hope, when you receive it, that it will be something that you (or the receiver) will truly enjoy.

  • Order Your Bespoke Jewellery Now

    Only €20 is required to get started. Once this is received, you can call us at 087 623 3305 to arrange your first consultation. Alternatively, Annette will be in touch. This amount will be applied towards your initial deposit for your jewellery. If you decide this is not for you, you can use the credit towards any jewellery on the site.

  • Magda had a three string of pearls and crystal belonging to her grandmother. She would never have worn them as they were. She loves simple jewellery so we designed a one string choker style necklace with a bracelet to match. She was delighted to also have a similar piece made which she gave to her sister. They were so happy to be able to wear their grandmothers redesigned jewels.

    Roisin had some beautiful beads given to her as a gift. She had never got around to making use of them. She wanted to design her own pieces and needed help with starting the process. Once she had strung her designs, we completed the finishing process together.

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